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hye nme sye nur amiera bt mat rawi....sye dilahirkan pada 29/1/1994..now sye candidate 4 spm taw!! cewah bangga plak tp result x taw lh...kalo kowang nk ta myra ny cm ne now myra g taw k!! myra ny seowang yg gile2 n seowang yg suke kepada nature..n myra juge suke bele hamstr..nme hamster myra tu MITCHI..comey kowt...now sye dh x single dh..hehehe sudah ade peneman hidup lorh!! happy banget deyh!!

my new pic...

my new pic...
ny myra!! sory x cute cm kowng 2 lorh..

semangat malaysia!!

my big family

my big family
keluarga bahagia aremyra

Saturday, December 3, 2011

jonas brother kenangan 4 eva!!!

It was saturday when I got that call
Far away from feeling small
I know, I know, I know what the truth is, yeah
I tried to look away from what you did
Heartache became my friend

You walked away from me baby
I would've never done the same
You made me feel like our love was not real
You threw it all away, so...


I don't wanna wait for you
I don't wanna wake up thinkin, hopin
You'll get it right this time
'Cause you know that you’re so cold
I don't wanna see no more
And I can’t get away from you

It's one of the reasons why
That I just can't get you out my mind
And all I keep seein is your picture
But I don't wanna see no more
But I don't wanna see no more
I don't wanna see no more
I don't wanna see no more

[Joe Jonas - Verse 2]

It was so easy to trust you baby
Guess I was so stupid baby
I didn't ever think that this would come
You’re runnin right to another one

You walked away from me baby
You threw it all away, so

huhuhu best giler lgu ny..aq minat sngt..kowang minat jb x??? nm kalo kowng x minat....huhu cm2 kenangan bersam kwn baik aq tentang jb ny..tp kenangan tu dg berlalu pergi...ehm x pelh..aq still ade kwn..walaupown ko dh x skolh dgn kteowng but kteowng kt sni still ingt ko taw...luv jb!!

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